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This was our friend MICAN. He was the happiest dog in the neighborhood, he accompanied all the neighbors to the bus stop, to their walks in the park of their house when they came from work! Like many dogs in our country, Mican was killed by poisoning. The Itchimbia park guards killed him for chasing his motorcycles.

Our sadness is very deep, especially since at that time there was nothing we could do. Our country had no laws to protect animals and punish people who mistreat or harm them as happened to Mican. After his death, we decided to help and do something for our four-legged friends who, like Mican, live unprocessed in the streets and parks of Quito.

Since our creation in 2012, as the Mican Project we have responsibly adopted more than 200 abandoned dogs and kittens. We have given you another chance to be safe and healthy once again. We have sterilized them and given them medical care and food, and we have found a temporary home until we find a permanent home for them.

Currently, we have 5 dogs and 3 cats in our cafe that receive all the clients wagging their tails, happy to see them. Cafe Mosaico is the only 100% PET FRIENDLY establishment since it opened in 2003, and welcomes all your pets with fresh water and a cookie. It has also incorporated a à la carte menu for four-legged customers.



Caption: Mican

In 2019, we launched within our website an adoption platform to support shelters and individuals to reduce the number of animals in their care, a problem that we consider the most urgent to solve since all shelters in the city are always at the top of its capacity. Helping them to reduce their number of animals, we can book places to receive more animals with emergencies. Temporary homes and places in shelters are the most difficult thing to get for those rescued.

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Saving Dog and Looking for Forever Homes

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Cafe Mosaico created Mican Project in 2012.

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Our Mission

Cafe Mosaico has created Mican Project with the purpose of creating  projects to aid abandoned animals on the streets of Quito. Donations are used for sterilization, food, and medical care. The funds are raised through projects carried out at Café Mosaico with the help of  customers and friends or through sponsors who make various recurring donations on our website.


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