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Janice and Laurence

ABOUT this project

We are excited to present to you, Janice and Laurens Project.  Janice and Laurens are two amazing travelers that became Mican Project’s sponsors on their visit to Quito inSummer 2018. Janice and Laurens have become heralds, spreading the word as they travel to help us aid animals in need in Ecuador. They raised $1500 and helped rescue and aid 10 dogs. We need more people like Janice and Laurens to save more lives!



Person in charge: Doris (Colombian lady who found the puppy on the street, sher and her family are very poor)

Project in charge: Diana Isabel, Colitas Felices

Name: Skyler

Sex: female

Age: approx. 3 months

Diagnostic: Septemebr 23th, 2018. Dog found on Quito highway General Ruminahui, Puente 7, by a lady who sells food on the street. Apparently it has distemper. Reported by Diana Isabel Colitas Felices Project.

Update September 30th: Skyler is well and stable, her vitamins are purchased and administered daily by foster family Doris.

Unfortunately , Doris never contated us again after insisting on bringing dog for next check up.


Person in charge: Freddy Ramirez

Project in charge: Freddy Ramirez

Sex: females and males

Age: 3 Female adult (moms),8 puppies approx. 3 month

Diagnostic: August 30th, 2018. Adult dogs and puppies found by real estate agent selling the land, Yolanda. She reported the dogs to Mican Project which in turn reported situation to Freddy who lives close by. Freddy feeds them every day with donations sent by Mican Project (Janice and Laurence Project, puppies received distemper exams, vaccines, and medicine on September 14th, 2018 by veterinarian Wilmer Conde, generous contributor and sponsor to the Mican Project.

Update September 30th: all dogs well and stable, their weights have increased. Neutering for adults planned for Thursday, October 4th, 2018.

All puppies got adopted. Females neutered and left with Lady at the Land for sale.


 Name: Camila

Person in charge: Freddy Ramirez

Project in charge: Freddy Ramirez

Sex: female

Age: approx. 4 months

Diagnostics: Dog with serious burns and snout tied found by Freddy Ramirez.

Update September 30th: though her injuries were severe, she has fully recovered her health. Spayed by Mican Project (through Janice and Laurens contribution) onSeptember 26th, 2018 and given in adoption together with another dog rescued by Freddy on September 29th, 2018.


Laurence and Janice project neutered and vaccinated 21 dogs between females and males from different shelters and private rescuers in Quito.


September 27th, 2018, Mican Project received a donation of recycled pallets forbuilding homes for Freddy’s shelter at Lucky Project in Valle de los Chillos, Quito. Transportation sponsored by Laurens and Janice Project.

Rescued Animals

Adopted Pets

Dollars Raised



Our Mission

Cafe Mosaico has created  Mican Project  in order to create projects to aid abandoned animals in Ecuador. We raise funds though our projects to rescue, neuter, feed and give medical attention to dogs and cats in shelters that we support. This aid is possible with recurring donations of our sponsors and in-house donation from our local customers.


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